Saturday, March 22, 2014

One Week of Post-Marathon Recovery and Why I'm Vegan

So one week after my second marathon, I have to say I feel WAAAAAY better than I did a week after my first. But then, I also felt that much better 10 minutes after. And so I walked about 3 miles Sunday, 2 Monday, 2 Tuesday, did an easy 2.5 mile run on Wednesday, took Thursday and Friday off, then did an 8 mile MAF run at Island Beach State Park today (on the roads, just finished at the beach as you see above).

Since I didn't train at all (see my first post) for this past marathon, I can't explain the difference away with better training, so the only thing left is that my diet is back to being completely vegan. Why was it not before the last run? Because I found Vinnie Tortorich, America's Angriest Trainer! If you're not familiar with his stuff, even if you don't agree with his nutrition, the podcasts are hysterical (though often a bit crude as well)!
Anyway, he got me rethinking what I eat, especially because I felt like I had plateaued for weight loss. So I began getting meat, cheese and eggs into my diet. It has only been since about February that I decided that wasn't the answer either and went back to my vegan ways. And wow, the body seems to be responding well.

Anyway, why vegan to being with? It started two years ago during Lent. My daughters came home from school wanting to try the Daniel Fast. Since I'm the main cook in the house, that made me the one to figure out what to eat for a few weeks. It was hard (especially not grilling), but I also learned to try a few new ingredients (vegetables) and lost some weight. When we were done, we figured why not continue. We all have to some degree, and I remained completely vegan. And began running regularly. And it went well together and ta-da! Here I am, two years in and, after trying a little NSNG/Paleo, am back to being all plant powered and really feeling good.

If you're looking to explore vegetarian/vegan eating, here are a couple resources I would recommend:

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