Monday, March 24, 2014

Christian On Christian (or Non-Christian) Violence

Romans 14:4 (NLT)
4  Who are you to condemn someone else’s servants? They are responsible to the Lord, so let him judge whether they are right or wrong. And with the Lord’s help, they will do what is right and will receive his approval. 
Unfortunately, it's non-Christians who seem to recognize truth this more than Christians do, and that without the words of Paul or a necessary belief in God (at least directly). Unfortunately, even when I teach this, I catch myself doing it as if not more frequently.

This is not an argument against pointing out sin, but an argument for grace. This is an argument for grace for politician, the famous and infamous, the hypocrite, the bleeding heart, the leader of x religion or church, the teacher, the doctor, the addict, the conservative, the liberal, and the Christian.

Because the truth stands at this: even the forgiven, the wise, and the sanctified sin. It's one thing to speak to the sinner in love, and another thing to speak about the sinner in condemnation, whether in private conversation, on our blogs, on Facebook or on Twitter.

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