Thursday, July 17, 2014

Today, I Dropped Out of a 50 Miler

So today I wrote the race director of the Can Lake 50 to request a refund for a race I have been planning to do for about 10 months. (The race director was quick to respond and helpfully let me know about some other races he was also organizing in case one of those would be more appropriate). It's the first time I haven't gone through with a race I signed up for, but life has gotten too busy with school work, work work and appropriate family time. And today, my wife, who is usually the person to kick my butt when I'm discouraged about a race, clarified things for me: the race training had become a chore rather than a pleasure.

When I couldn't find the time to get my 20+ mile long run in, I got angry or tried to shuffle the schedule rather than just going on a shorter run. I kept trying to get back on the plan.

I am officially off the plan and out of the race. I'll get in some 5Ks and half marathons before the winter, but more importantly, I really just had a great time on a 6 mile run tonight, with some fartleks thrown in!